Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get dentists to send me referrals?
You can send them ReferralWeb's easy button. The button is a USB button that plugs into their computer. When a dentist or receptionist wants to send a referral, all they have to do is click the button and their desktop will bring them to the referral form. 
What if I have multiple offices?
ReferralWeb was designed to work with DSO's. You can create sub accounts for each of your offices.
How do I implement this with my office staff?
ReferralWeb staff set up a quick and easy training for any and all of your staff that will be using ReferralWeb either in person or online.
What if my office staff doesn't reach out to the incoming leads?
Ideally your staff should attempt to call a lead at least 3 times. Our automatic texting platform reaches out to patients to invite them to schedule through text and has proven to be extremely effective.
What kind of analytics and data will I get?
You will be able to see production reports for each office and doctor. You can see which dentist is sending the most leads. You can view conversion information like how many leads convert and at which communication attempt do leads tend to convert. Depending on your size we offer specialized analytics as well.
How quickly can I expect results?
As long as you implement the system correctly you can expect to increase your lead conversion by at least 10% immediately. 
How much does this cost?
$325 a month for a single location. For multiple locations or multiple doctors please request a quote.
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