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The Missing Link For Oral Specialist Success
The revolutionary system that converts 30% more referrals
Increase Patient Conversion 
Referrals Sent
How Will ReferralWeb Benefit Your Practice
1. Capture More Leads
    We at least a 10% increase in captured referrals by using ReferralWeb.  ​
  • Know: Every referral
  • ​Contact: Every referral
  • Follow-up: With every referral
  • Increase Opportunities: Make it simple and easy for referring dentists
2. Automated Contacting
  • Text: Referred Patients receive automated text invitations
  • Personal: Automated messages are natural and customized, 
  • Notification:  When the patient responds, the receptionist is immediately notified so they can pick up the conversation.
  • Automated Calls: Your office can opt-in to automatically call new referrals and connect them to your reception.

30% more conversions: Automated texting alone increases conversions significantly.

3. Easy Referral Form
  • High Adoption: Because it is fun, easy and effective, we average 80% adoption by General Dentists properly educated.
  • Customizable: Referral form is customizable to your practice
  • Direct Link: When the general dentist or staff opens ReferralWeb, your form appears immediately.
4. Easy Referral Button
  • Easy: Immediately pops up your referral form.
  • Top of Mind: They see your logo on the button daily.

Find out how the ReferralWeb button can help increase your lead flow by watching the video.

5. Track Each Referral to Completion
  • Pipeline: Track every attempted phone call and text to patient.
  • Confidence: Referring dentists can see your progress with patients and feel confident in sending you referrals.
6. Analytics and Alerts
  • Totals:  Display monthly totals from each referring doctor. 
  • Alerts:  Quick look at who you should focus on.
  • ​Production: Know exactly how much money you are making from each referring office.
  • Follow-up Calls: See how many patients were scheduled from extra efforts by your referral coordinator.
7. Instant Notification and Communication
  • Patient: Receives map, bio, videos and reviews of specialist.
  • Specialist: Receives instant notification of the referral
  • General Dentist: Receives updates on patient status
8. Spin to Win Starbucks Giftcard
  • Referring Offices: Spin each time they send a referral.  They win a $5 gift card approximately every 5 referrals.
  • Completely Ethical:  The reward is not from the specialist. It is from ReferralWeb as a thank you for using our system.
Actual recent case study on ReferralWeb in DSO
9. DSO Referral Tracking
ReferralWeb allows DSO (Multi-Specialty) Organizations the ability to track and manage 
in-house referrals.

See every referral, where it goes and follow-up efforts.
  • Enhanced Tracking: DSO's can track and manage every office and every referral.
  • Implementation:  Intuitive system that is easily implemented across offices.
  • Multi-Specialty: Allow multiple offices to work together with referrals.
  • ​​Manage: Admin accounts that let you control the entire process.
  • ​Performance: See who is performing among your offices is performing.

    Dr. Sorensen says:

    "ReferralWeb gives doctors the opportunity to be on the cutting edge, using a simple technology that is becoming a primary mode of how the world communicates and does business. It conveys to the patient that their doctor is at the forefront of their profession."

    Dr. Plumb says:

    "Using ReferralWeb is so much better than handing the patient a card and sending them on their way. It improves my communication with the specialist, and I can be sure that they are getting the patient's information Referred patients are not slipping through the cracks, but are much more likely to get the care they need."
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